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Workshop downloads

Below is a list of the sessions for which we have received Powerpoint presentations.

A2 - Ken Barter

A6 - Frank Eckles and James Freeman

A9 - Yolanda Weltzin

A11 - Emily Portelles and Christine Gaitens

B1 - Frank Delano

D1 - Bruce Hardy

D4 - Tim Tausendfreund and Jana Knot-Dickscheit

D6 - Laura Steckley

D9 - Alicia Cox

F2 - James Freeman

H1 - Jack Phelan

J6 - Nancy Getty

J8 - Sheri McConnell and Jacqueline Carey

J11 - Dan Stavert

J11a - James Freeman

J11b - James Freeman

K8 - Bruce Pearce, Kimberly Yetman Dawson, Sheldon Pollett and Kathryn Gullage

L1 - Michael Burns

N5 - Laura Steckley and Graham McPheat

N7 - Avril Gillingham

P3 - Roz Walls, Danny Taylor, Tina Lee et al.

P13 - Rick Kelly